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Healing with massage for canines
60 mins $80
Massage for dogs like massaging humans is just as beneficial, they have the same physical, emotional  and mental problems as we humans do. I use hands-on massage techniques to relax muscles increase good blood and lymph circulation, muscle strength, flexibility and mobilty. It will also help your friend with rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries, sprains, sore muscles, swelling and post operative conditions and joint injuries. Massage creates a calming effect for your friend so it helps relieve stress, depression and behavourial problems. It is also a great way to prevent injuries for dogs that are working, show, agility, police, used for racing or any other activity taht can put stress on the body. Also with the treatment I use calming sound therapy music to help relax your friend.

Bach Flower Remedies for animals
60 mins $80
Bach Flower Remedies a straightforward and simple enough to take with any animals medications and therapies that they might be having. The system is designed to be simple and easy to use. There is 38 remedies and they are divided into 7 categories which are all associated with an emotion. These emotions are Fear, Uncertanity, Insufficient interest in present circumstances, Lonliness, Oversensitivity, Despondency or despair and the Overcare for the welfare of others. I will mix up a remedy especially for the emotions that your animal is feeling. The remedies help to relieve emotional suffering and bring harmony to your animals life. 


All treatments are done in the privacy of your home as I am a mobile therapist
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