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Earth Healing Therapies


I started my journey in healing therapies 10 years ago when I first trained in Reiki. Over those years I have discovered a lot about myself and others. As I loved learning Reiki I continued training and have now finished my third degree. This has opened up to me a number of other healing therapies such as crystals, colour and aura healing which I have brought into my therapies to give my clients a complete feeling of being balanced, in both mind and body. 


I have also introduced Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Bamboo Massage to help heal physical symptoms as well as the emotions. Both my healing therapies and physical therapies work as one to give an overall sense of balance. 


Over the years of learning and practising these therapies I have discovered that I can treat animals with these same therapies. With my passion for the welfare of animals, it has been wonderful to be able to use therapies such as Reiki, Crystals, Massage and Bach Remedies on animals with some amazing results – as my cat India and dog Louis can attest to.  

All of my products are vegan, I am very conscious of your pets diet and wellness so I make sure that all of my products are 100% natural, and will only benefit there health with no side effects.  I do not use any Palm oil, in any of my products, and I only choose ethical ingredients. Earth Healing Therapies dog treats are all wheat, sugar and salt free with no additives or preservatives, I cook as I need them so they are always fresh to buy. 


I am a member of the International Instiute of Complimentary Therapies (
and also a member of the Australian Reiki Connection ( 

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