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Health benefits through massaging your pets

There are some amazing health benefits through massage for your pets. Apart from relaxing your pet it will create increased blood circulation. With every cell and muscle in the body is flooded constantly with fresh blood, the oxygen helps distributes all of the nutrients that the cells require to grow healthy and function properly. This also helps transport the bodies waste products to those organs that are in charge of filtration. With this in mind if the muscles are inactive blood will flow around the muscles, so we need to regulate the the manipulation of the skin, muscles and tissues so blood can flow through active muscles.

Another good reason to massage your pet is for good lymph circulation. Lymph contains white blood cells and they are the front line to fight off infection. The immune system fights effortlessly to fight of illness and infections which helps keeping our pets healthy. When the lymph nodes become sluggish and blocked massage will help unblock the problem area's and balance the flow. The lymph areas are found under the front legs, in the groin and behind the jaw.

Massage will also help with muscle strength, flexibility and mobility. Regular massage will help strengthen muscles which will be very beneficial for older pets. When our pets get old they face challenges associated with there joints and they then start to loose there flexibility and mobility. The fluid between the joints reduces and this can cause irritation and discomfort when there joints move. That then causes your pet to have a lot less movement and mobility. One of the most common problems that can arise is a sluggish digestive system and as they get old their bodies tendons, ligaments and muscles become stiff.

Rehabilitation is another good reason to have your pet massaged. It will help with recovery tom soft tissue injuries, sprains, torn muscles, swelling and many operative conditions and joint injuries.

As massage is relaxing it helps with stress and behavioural problems. It releases endorphins which creates a calming effect.

Injury protection for any dog that is a working dog, show dog, tracking, agility, police and greyhounds. Massage will help detect any early signs of illness or injury and aids in minimising the risk of soft tissue and ligament injury.

Regular massage will give your pet calmness, help feel relaxed, ease any muscle soreness, strengthen muscles for older pets and help with there mobility.

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